Grow Almost complete

In a world, where blocks must eat each other to survive,
and cannot eat blocks larger than themselves,
get ready to run, eat, and survive in...
In this game, you play as a blue block named dot. He's as small as a dot. (get it?) but he won't be when he eats enough food to grow giant! In his smaller state, he's on the run from large red predator blocks. But using the control stick to move around, you can find nearby food for him to eat! You'll have to check everywhere though. They can be difficult to find. There will be many levels that you travel to, with interesting new environments! No 2 levels are quite the same in this game.
Level 1, Grassy Greens, is a simple level. It's pretty easy, as it introduces the player to how the game works! It's the usual first level, nothing too crazy.
Level 2, Snowy Night, vamps up the difficulty a little bit. The enemy is larger, therefore you need to find more food to grow large enough to eat it. It's also possible to get cornered into certain areas, but nothing too crazy.
Level 3, Golden Temple, is where things get really interesting. The enemy is huge, and the entire level is a huge maze! Plus, once you've defeated the enemy, you'll get to see a cutscene with the main villains of this game, Devil Block and Block King. You'll also see a weird thing that kind of looks like a food! What could this be?
Level 4, Strawberry Island shows you what this thing is. It can enhance the power of enemies, as it makes this one very fast!
Level 5, Devil's Keep, is the final level of the game. You battle Block King, in a rather anti-climactic fashion. But then, the real challenge starts. Devil Block will fly off, and you follow him, in a series of mini challenges. However, the level's not complete yet, so you'll only be able to play part of it. But I hope you enjoy what I have so far!
Link to play the game:


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